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JOY DIVISION UNDERCOVER ’45 Years Unknown Pleasures’

Fr, 22.11.2024 - 19:00

  Ticket eventim 
ab 30,90 EUR
zzgl. VVK-Gebühr

: 19:00 Uhr
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr


Tickets ab 30,90 Euro zzgl. VVK-Gebühr hier:

2024 ist die Tribute Band Joy Division Undercover wieder unterwegs! Die Tickets dafür findet ihr auf Eventim!

“Arguably the best Joy Division tribute band ever. Their performances go even beyond authenticity.”

“Close your eyes and you hear Ian Curtis. Close your eyes and you hear Joy Division.”

In 2024 it is 45 years after ‘Joy Division’ released their first album “Unknown Pleasures”. To
memorize and honor this iconic album ‘Joy Division Undercover’ will do an intensive Dutch (March-
April) & European club (festival) tour through 2024 (March and April). The band will play the entire
’Unknown Pleasures’ album (integral) and a set of many more of their legendary songs.
The music of Joy Division had an enormous influence on many contemporary bands such as Arcade
Fire, The Editors, Interpol, The National and many more. They presented the ultimate sound of
darkness and invented Post Punk.